Rally Point Arizona Run: Things to Know:


Pets, skateboards, bicycles, and wagons are not allowed at this event.

Sports strollers and sports wheelchairs are permitted.

When planning to use a sports stroller or sports wheelchair, it must be selected as a part of your initial registration or added later using change requests to update your personal information to reflect its use.

Personal Information

Participating with inaccurate information in your race entry such as gender and birthdate or participating as someone else affects everyone, not just you.

Make sure your information is accurate including taking steps to transfer your race entry to someone else through change requests when needed.

If you have submitted your registration with an error or you have registered another participant with inaccurate information, it will be in error in race results unless you have taken the necessary steps to identify and correct it using change requests to update your personal information to reflect its use.

Validate the information in your registration confirmation at the time of receipt as well as on the monitors or online immediately following the event. Pay attention to gender, birthdate or age group division, and the spelling of your name.

If you identify a discrepancy in your race entry or need to transfer your race entry to someone else, view instructions for completing change requests and complete a change request to correct the discrepancy.

If you identified a discrepancy in your race result upon completing the race, make sure you take the necessary steps to address it at the timing station before the results are made final, and the start of the award ceremony begins. If it is after finalization of the results, contact us for review to determine what, if anything, can be done to address your concern.

Wearing Your Bib

Make sure you are correctly wearing your bib to help ensure accurate reads and ultimately a timing result, and so that you do not get stopped on the course.

Place your bib on your front torso unobstructed. You may also place it on an upper thigh facing forward. Do not bend the timing chip, remove the foam tape covering the timing chip or put the bib anywhere else on your body including the back of your torso, or where it is hidden.

Keep your bib away from liquid. The foam tape, in addition to helping ensure timing chip reads, also helps prevent moisture from getting onto the timing chip from sweat or rain.

If needed, safety pins will be available at the onsite registration tables to help you attach your bib.

Avoid congregating around the start and finish line other than during lineup.

If you have secured your bib, have it with you on race day and have decided not to participate in the race, make sure you do not carry it with you near the timing mats at the start or finish unless you have gone to the timing station to have your bib deactivated. Not doing so can cause your bib to read placing you into results as participating in error affecting race result placements and awards for those who participated in the race.

Race Shirt

We do not guarantee your requested shirt color or size as a part of your registration.

We do our best to forecast based on the colors and sizes requested by participants during registration at the time shirts are ordered for the event.
If you do not receive the color or size requested, or you want to change the color or size, go to the onsite registration tables or awards table immediately following the race.

You must not wear any shirt you receive if you want to attempt exchanging it for a different size after the run.

Swag Bags

While supplies last. Swag bags contain information on the Rally Point Arizona initiative.


A first aid kit will be available at the start and finish for minor incidents.

If you or someone you are observing needs medical assistance, notify a race crew member.

If you believe you or someone else may be experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately and notify a race crew member.

Aid Stations

Cupped water will be available approximately midpoint on the course to help keep you hydrated and refreshed. There will also be water at the start and finish.

Restrooms will be available at the start and finish near the Rally-Up Family Festival. There will not be portable toilets on the course.

You can better familiarize yourself with these locations by viewing course info and location & times.


We do not provide bag-check at this event. Please plan to store any personal items accordingly.

Participant Food & Beverage

A mix of snacks and beverages will be available before and after your run or walk while supplies last. A pay concession stand will also be available for friends and family, and those wanting something more substantial or different.

Bringing Guests

Don’t forget to bring your friends and family with you as your cheerleading squad?

Make sure you also all allow plenty of time to enjoy the Rally-Up Family Festival! General admission is free and festival hours are from 7:30 AM to 12 PM.

The festival features carnival games, an inflatable moon bounce, a jousting activity, a military obstacle course, photo opportunities, snacks, a live band, a moving ceremony for Rally Point Arizona 22 for the 22 performed by the 22 for the 22 marchers and more.

View location & times and Rally-Up Family Festival for more details.