Rally Point Arizona Run: Course Information:

About the 5K Course

Fast, flat, mixed terrain, looping, chip-timed 5K USATF certified course using paved and dirt paths with minimal elevation changes at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona.

You have 1.5 hours to finish the 5K.

Sports strollers and sports wheelchairs are allowed on the course. Pets, skateboards, bicycles, and wagons are not allowed at this event.

Each course may vary slightly on race day and will be well marked to help keep you on course.

5K Course Directions

From the North Stadium Way start line just east of Stadium Way, head east on North Stadium Way looping around to West Stadium Way and West Mariners Way. Head southwest on West Mariners Way to North 83rd Avenue. Head south on North 83rd Avenue to the New River Shore Trail on the north bank of Skunk Creek. Head east on New River Shore Trail to Skunk Creek Trail. Head northeast on Skunk Creek Trail continuing to the Skunk Creek Trail turnaround. Complete the turnaround and head southwest back toward the south side of the Peoria Sports complex. Turn north into the sports complex parking lot from Skunk Creek Trail heading north across the parking lot to the road on the North side of the lot. Continue north on the road to West Stadium Way. Head northeast of West Stadium Way looping around to the finish line on North Stadium Way just north of Stadium Way.

5K Course Map

Rally Point Arizona Run Course Map RaceLookup Phoenix Frontrunners PHXFR

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5K Course Elevation

Rally Point Arizona Run Elevation Graph RaceLookup Phoenix Frontrunners PHXFR

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